From Athletics to Art~ Dan McAfee of Mossy Glass Studio

Dan McAfee is the owner of Mossy Glass Studio. Mossy Glass Studio is nestled on a small farm in the beautiful foothills of Mt. St. Helens. Dan and his family grow organic vegetables, raise their own chickens, etc. He believes in a sustainable lifestyle.

After playing college baseball and having a career ending injury, Dan sought after an apprenticeship in glassblowing. He began lamp working in Bellingham, WA. At the same time he also took a job making color glass for Precision Color, eventually allowing him to start his own studio.

Through the joys of raising his son, Dan has found a fun activity to spend quality time with his son. Marble hunting and hiding. For those who haven't heard; through Facebook, there is a group called "Worlds Biggest Marble Hunt." Just type it in the search bar on Facebook. Once you have joined, you can watch for marble hunts happening in your local area. You can also post your own hunts. Its a fun family friendly adventure, and you keep what you find. It's also a joy to pay it forward and hide some beautiful treasures.

Between making glass art and Dan's thirst to be outdoors, marble hunting has become a new hobby for his family. Dan plans on doing some huge marble hunts in his community of Toledo, WA, as well as doing some traveling through the United States to hide some of his best work.

Dan has always enjoyed woodworking. Lately he has been upcycling wood remnants from a local mill that supplies wood for high end guitars. He is turning their scrap into beautiful marble stands to showcase his work. Each glass marble and stand is made by Dan at his studio.

When you buy from Mossy Glass Studio, you are supporting a grass roots small family business, and we appreciate your support!

Most of Dan's inspiration comes from nature. He also has great respect and appreciation for all arts. Thanks for visiting our shop and supporting Dan's art.

"The freedom to work for myself and create art with my hands daily, is the best feeling in the world!" ~Dan McAfee