Here are a few pictures of Dan’s Art that has already Sold.  Thanks for looking.

Owl glass sculpture in Red Woods forest, CA, 2018

Owl murrine Marble, 1 of 10, 2017

Silver and Gold Fumed Pendant, Implosion style 2018

Owl sculpture, clear glass, 2017

Owl murrine, 1 of 5, 2017

Owl murrine Pendant #2, 2017

Silver and Gold Fumed marble, 2017

Rainbow confetti marble, 2017

Gold Fumed Implosion marble, 2016

Implosion Marble featuring silver and gold, 2016

Silver and Gold Fumed Hider marbles, 2017

Fumed Silver and Gold Implosion pendants, 2016

Hider marbles, 2017

Silver and Gold Fumed glass with opal encasement , 2017

Silver and Gold Fumed Implosion pendant, 2017

Ruby Caramel Marble, 2017

Implosion Pendant with opal, 2017

Implosion Pendant with Opal, 2017